Monday, February 1, 2010

Paella Feast.

Spain seems a distant memory – ok so it was only 6 months ago. During our stop in Spain, my Europe companions were on the hunt for delicious paella. We had paella at least once a day while we were in the country and NEVER did we get tired of it. Finding delectable paella was definitely a hit and miss but the experience was priceless!

My sis, S, recently organized a night at Brandy Creek Winery (Regional Victoria) for their paella feast. It was definitely a road trip but when we arrived the view was picturesque and the aroma was mouth watering. For a set price, entrée, paella, dessert and a drink was included. There were five different paella’s available, a mixture of meat, seafood and vegetables.

Good company, great food and memories of Spain – what a night!

Thanks for the pics N&LDC.

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Sarah said...

is it just me or are those pans in the first picture GINORMOUS?? That man looks like he could take a bath in them! Maybe my depth perception is playing up...

That looks amazingly yum and right now, is making my dinner salad look very unappetizing lol

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