Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas (3 days late)

Just wanted to greet everyone a very belated MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone had a good one.

I have been very busy with family engagements (hence my lack of posts) and have not stopped eating since christmas eve! I definitely ate for two (or more) the last few days and have probably added another good 3KG's to my ever growing pregnant frame. YIKES!

Ironically, I am currently cooking lunch for K and my Dad who has kindly given up his holiday time to help with our home improvements! BLESS!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rocking (my) chair.

Been thinking about nursery room themes lately. Not too sure what to do with the room really so been looking on the net for ideas. Actually I lie. I with K originally wanted jarrah coloured cot and baby furniture. But am slowly changing my mind and really like the simplicity of white. I am not drawn to nurseries which are quite “baby”…I’d prefer something classic and chic…I think?! I tend to change my mind very quickly so don’t be surprised if by next post I want to paint the whole room blue or pink!

Been looking through ebay and not really much available UNTIL I came across this rocking chair. I watched it for a few days but no-one else seemed interested. I bid with a very small budget in mind as I wasn’t sure if I will need it. Anyway, I won!

Needs to be sanded down and unsure whether to tint or paint white. Will decide when I get a better picture of how the nursery is to be set out.

Not bad for $20!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thrift Trip.

I went op shopping a few weeks ago at St Vinnies in Altona. I found a great selection of clothing which I will someday wear/alter. Otherwise, they will end up on Ebay or Etsy. Here are a few of my recent purchases.

The cream number is my fave!


Maternity Fashion (?)

Coming up to 20 weeks, I am getting wider, bigger and let’s just say all over curvier. And my clothes are  quickly shrinking! Unless you have been pregnant before, you may not fully understand the frustration of finding fashionable maternity clothing.

I have scoured every avenue for maternity wear from maternity stores to department stores and online. BUT everything is so floral, baggy and very pricey. I don’t have the funds to buy a whole new wardrobe to last only to the end of my pregnancy, so I have resorted to a few maxi dresses (does wonders) and about 30 pairs of back leggings.

Anywho – I will randomly post shots of my outfits. Hopefully, this will give you pregnant readers a few ideas!

Cardi - Cotton On
Dress- CKM
Tights - Big W
Shoes - Primark
P.S. Currently watching The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of The Desert....hilarious!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here is a blog which I have followed for some time now. Trish gets some interesting items thrifting so check it out.

This is one of the many blogs I follow regularly and probably had some input in starting my own.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was watching the news and a special on Venice was on where experts are predicting that the city will be underwater by the end of the century. I have had the pleasure to visit this beautiful city a few months ago. So many little alleyways to get lost in and picturesque buildings overlooking the canals. I’m heartbroken knowing that Venice will literally disappear. Those who have visited know what I mean, those who haven’t – you have less than a century to find out!

Deserted alley.

Reflection in the canal.

Rialto Bridge.

Shopping for Murano glass.

Gondolier - Venice Style.

Fast Fact: Venice has around 150 canals connected by 409 bridges, and over 3000 alleyways on the 117 islands. Basically every time you see a bridge it is connecting two islands. WOW!

Have I convinced you yet?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Machines, dummies & babies

Weekend was super busy and didn’t have much time to play around with my new toy (sewing machine). However, I have unpacked and threaded so getting really excited! If you are looking for a sewing machine, mine was from Spotlight – Brother BM2600 which is currently 50% off. When we went to pick it up, the sales lady said that they were running out the door. Sales pitch? Probably.

I have also been playing dress ups with my new (old) dressmakers dummy. Get used to her; she’ll be featured in many more blogs to come.

Tomorrow I have my 20 weeks ultra sound. K and I have been in two minds about finding out the gender of the baby. I’ve never been patient so naturally I want to know but I think that it would be a nice surprise at the end… ahhh decisions decisions!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

From small beginnings...

Well here it is my first ever post!

Welcome to all (any?) readers!

Setting up a blog took me absolutely forever. First trying to get around the site and then trying to decide on a skin. I downloaded the skin from which have hundreds of different designs to choose from.

I thought the one I chose was pretty funny. I showed K (hubby) and he totally didn't get it.

So let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I currently work in finance *yawn*, grounded in Melbourne, married for a few years (to K), have a beautiful dog (Great Dane x Bullmastiff) and have travelled to different cities around the world. Our last trip was to Europe and I came back pregnant! Talk about a souvenir!

I am currently around 20 weeks and getting big. Anyway, I will elaborate on pregnancy joys and woes in another post.

I love to shop – on a budget. I’m forever looking for sales and rummaging through op shops and markets. I think I love the high of finding a bargain more than anything else. I sell stuff on ebay ocassionally so will let you all know when I get around to doing that. VintageFokus has been my ebay user name for years and decided to roll it over to my blog.

I am currently self learning how to sew and alter garments. I bought a dress makers mannequin from ebay and didn’t realize that the pick up location was about 60km away from me! Picked that up this morning AND I got an early Christmas present – a new sewing machine (YAY!)

Grammar – please excuse my bad grammar. I will try to write in proper English but I am VERY lazy so please ignore any misspelled words, missing punctuation etc.

Well good night for now and I hope someone is following my blog by my next post!