Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nursery update – toy box & bird cage (not).

Hello everyone I have returned! I have been so busy the last few weeks with dinners, catching up with mates, birthdays etc , that I have totally neglected my blog. Also, now in my third trimester, I really utterly feel and look pregnant! Been going to bed at 9pm latest and napping when I can over the weekends which can be partly to blame for my absence. Ok enough excuses.

For those who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you might have noticed that I recently won a toy box on ebay. YAY! This was one of the last pieces I needed for the nursery. Luckily enough this toy box/chest doubles as a bench and I didn’t have to drive halfway across Victoria to pick it up. Location was practically down the road, over the bridge, down another road and around the corner! The item was in great condition and I don’t think I would have revamped if it wasn’t going in the nursery – on second thoughts maybe I would have replaced the fabric!

So initially I removed the screw (things) that was holding the fabric in place. The foam was glued to the box and needed to be extremely careful not to damage the foam, unscrewed all the fittings, sanded down with an electric sander (my new best friend) and it was ready to be painted. This time around I used a small roller instead of a brush and it halved the time in painting. I spray painted the fittings in black as I didn’t think the brass would suit. Finally, washed the foam and sewed a cover using the same fabric I used for the lamp shade – you know to provide some continuity around the room!
So here it is before and after - in all its revamped glory!

I’ve also been on the hunt for a small decorative bird cage to hang in the nursery. I have searched high and low during my charity store trips, trash and treasure markets and ebay, with no success. So during one very humid lunchtime – I was walking (my current and only form of exercise) around the city and came across a candle store. On the sale table was this gorgeous mesh candle holder. I know it’s not a bird cage but I loved it and instantly visualized hanging in the nursery. Hubby K didn’t see my vision when I showed him but men are hopeless when it comes to ATTENTION TO DETAIL!

Have a great night lovelies!


Sarah said...

Ooo that cage is lovely! Have you thought about maybe getting some of those wall decals as well? Not sure if you're interested in that sort of stuff but there are some really cute ones available on etsy.

Nicky said...

Ahhh! Thats the ikea fabric we used for our photobooth at our wedding how funny!

The toybox looks AWESOME! Great job!

Shaunna said...

Love the toy box!! I've got to makeover one soon myself. Found you through diy nice to meet you! -shaunna

Keri said...

I absolutely love that toy box. That is what I'm missing in my son's room. Thanks for the idea.

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