Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi dolls!

Hope everyone is well :)

Where the heck have I been? Well as you all know the house was up for sale and we have finally settled...yay! So the last few months I have been looking for a new property, packing while working and looking after my now ever moving toddler! In betwen all that jazz, I also turned I feel old? Yes but I'll get over it.

Anywho, here are a couple of pics of our house empty and characterless (btw that's hubby in the first pic looking happy as always hahahaha)

So I guess this is a good time as any to wrap it up.

Thank you to all my readers - your continued support and comments are very much appreciated. Blogging has been a great learning curve and its been fun sharing the journey.

I am still undecided whether to start a new blog about our new (old) house. If I did it will be mostly on DIY, makeovers, thrifting, saving the planet single handedly type of blog. Hhhrrrmmm we'll see......

Anywho - thanks again dolls and farewell from the one & only......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Show OFF!

Hello? Is anyone there? awww I feel like I've been gone forever. For any of you wondering where I have disappeared to, I've been errr hibernating.

Ok Ok I can't lie. I've actually been very LAZY and have totally put blogging on  the bottom of my priority list. Hence I'm guessing that there are no readers left? Hello?!

On top of being lazy I've also been extremely busy. Who knew that having a 9 month old baby would be a 24/7 job? But there is nothing else I'd rather be doing ;)

Question - Don't you hate it when you do a Before & After job, you post about it in your blog and you get...... *crickets*.....nothing. I know I do!

 Well I  would love to see any of your  Before & After jobs or any second hand BARGAINS. It can be clothing, furniture, DIY,jewellery, accessories, ANYTHING really! Don't be shy send me an email ( add a link to your post (if you have one) and I'll be sure to comment/post about it. This way I (and other bloggers) can share in your excitement!

What are you waiting for....LET'S SHOW OFF!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

For sale

Hi dolls!
Excuse my lack of posts...I've been ultra busy getting our home ready. It's up for sale eeek!!!

We made the decision to up and sell a few weeks ago. Been toying with the idea for years now and have finally bitten the bullet.

Looking for an agent was not a great experience. For some reason I just dont trust ANY. Maybe because I used to work in real estate and the industry mentality is "do anything to make a sale". Hopefully the agent we choose is somewhat professional and objective.

Anywho - below are some pics they are using for marketing.

Hope we get a buyer *fingers crossed*

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just another post...

Hey dolls,

How was your weekend? Beautiful days here in Melbourne..but with spring comes hayfever. AARRGGHH!
As always I'm useless this time of wouldn't think someone can sneeze hundreds of times in one day - I'm living proof.

Anywho - on a brighter note. I've listed a few things up on ebay. Feel free to do some "window shopping" and check them out!

By the way - is anyone else on Twitter? I feel like I'm the only "real" person using it? I'm following all these famous people and I'm getting tired of their self obsession ;)

 Until next time xX

Friday, October 1, 2010

And the winner is.....

Hi dolls,

Thank you to all who participated in my Manikkin giveaway! I'm so excited to announce that the winner is *drum roll*......

Ivy from zebra and meerkat!

Congratulations! *applause*

Ivy - shoot me an email ( and I will co-ordinate your prize with Mannikin.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thrift trip

Hi dolls,

Haven't had a chance to do much thrifting lately *BOOOOO*!

Managed to squeeze in a quick trip though at my fave spot - Vinnies Hoppers Crossing. I found these funky print loose pants - gorg with a black singlet, sandals and huge a$$ sunnies. Unfortunately,  they don't fit *curse curse curse* so I will be adding this pair to my ebay shop.

Next item is a cute as a button Sportsgirl summer clutch.

And finally, two timber picture frames. I have a ton of photos that need to be developed and displayed, so I decided to start collecting frames to go up along the hallway at home - I'm naming it my "hall of fRame"!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - entries close tomorrow!

Giveaway reminder


Last chance to get your entries in for the Mannikin Tee GIVEAWAY!

Go to VF Facebook site - suggest to friends and tell us how you would style up the tee....too EASY!

You have until midnight tonight to enter. GOOD LUCK