Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My new toy (Bugaboo pram)

Howdy peoples!

K & I (ok more me) have been researching prams for a number of months. I’ve read reviews, forums and spoken to other mums regarding what to look for when purchasing a pram. I came to the conclusion that I need a pram that is lightweight, simple to use, easy maneuverability and one that isn’t taller than me! I was recommended the Bugaboo brand and went to the shop to investigate. It had everything I wanted BUT the price…OMG! So we’ve been trying to save and had the intention to purchase just before bub was born – saving didn’t quite go to plan – and we considered purchasing a pram which was more affordable.

BUT from generous family and friends, they surprised me with a Bugaboo Cameleon pram for my baby shower! How blessed am I to have such great family and friends. Here it is, my new toy…just need the baby now!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ebay trunk.

Hey all – how was your weekend? Mine was busy busy busy – but maternity leave is just (3 weeks) around the corner.

I just wanted to share with you my latest eBay purchase.

Lately I’ve wanted to move our shoes from the laundry into the garage. However, I wanted to make sure that:

1. Miss J (our dog) doesn’t have access to it.

2. Spiders can’t use our shoes as a home *shivers*

3. Protected from dust and dirt.

So I was considering just purchasing a plastic tub with a lid but that’s just boring right? So I browsed eBay and didn’t find anything for a couple of weeks. Until one lucky day I spotted a shipping trunk! I won the item for a measly $6 *woot woot*

Here it is before:

Yes it is a metal scrap heap  pretty battered but all I can think is CHARACTER!

I had some white spray paint left over from my nursery projects and spray painted my heart out! I didn’t have enough paint and the trunk looks very incomplete, uneven….shabby. I subtly sanded the corners to add to the “used” look. The inside was lined with peeling pinkish paper – definitely needed replacing. Peeled this off and replaced with Ikea wrapping paper.

Anyway – here is our vintage trunk/shoe storage.

I'm hoping to add some writing to the frontage (e.g. “shipping” in some vintage font) but currently lacking imagination...any suggestions??

Hope you enjoyed this mini project. Have a great night!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogger Challenge – A room with a view

Good evening peoples! Hope the weekend treated you well.

I recently found Blog This and they run these blog challenges. The latest challenge is called “A room with a view”. All you need to do is provide a photo of your favourite view and explain why.

My favourite view was overlooking the water in Santorini, Greece. It was so peaceful and not to mention absolutely beautiful. The view and experience was especially relaxing and calm. I could sit on the balcony and just watch the world go by….

Unfortunately, as appealing as Santorini looks, it’s no longer my favourite sight. As a result of our trip, this is now my much loved view…… my growing belly!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first blog giveaway!

What a lovely Sunday afternoon in Melbourne! (And here I am sitting in front of the computer tsk tsk)

I have been blogging since late last year so my blog is still really a baby. However, I just wanted to thank all my current followers and readers and those who have made lovely comments. Who would have thought that anyone was interested in my home, pregnancy, thrift finds etc?!

I wish I had more time to update this blog but with a full-time job, being heavily pregnant, a social life and everyday chores (I know excuses excuses) the blog takes a back seat. Hopefully – time will be aplenty when I go on maternity leave in about 4 weeks WOOT WOOT!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am holding my first ever giveaway YAY! Up for grabs is a MOR pomegranate scented bath soak and a pair of too cute handmade (by me!) fabric covered button earrings.

All you have to do to enter is:

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2. Leave a comment on this post

If you are already subscribed just leave a comment on this post.


I will be running the giveaway until April 14th – one month exactly. So you have plenty of time to tell others to enter.

Good luck!

P.S. Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to Australian residents.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A wedding

I know I know! I have been so slack with updates lately due to social commitments and the fact that I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm. Seven more weeks until my due date and baby is growing ever so quickly!

Last week I went to a friend’s beautiful wedding. It was a splendid sunny day until the clouds rolled in and rain, hail, thunderstorm and lightning came all at once. Yep, they got married on the day of the recent Melbourne storm where the city got flooded. What a memorable day!

Here is a picture of the bride's beautiful dress (and my bump!).

The bridesmaid's outfit.....
and the weather!
Melbourne weather....four seasons in one day!
I have a mini giveaway coming up I will keep you posted.
Have a great night!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New ebay listings…

Hi all!

Just a quick post to let you know there are new ebay listings at Vintagefokus

I will be listing throughout the week so keep an eye out for them - just click on the link above or type in "Vintagefokus" in the ebay search bar.

Here are a few items that are currently/will be up for auction.

Sweet dreams!