Monday, February 22, 2010

Camberwell Market

If you’re ever down in Melbourne, make sure you have Camberwell Market on your itinerary. If you live locally and have never been – make sure you go this weekend! It’s a market full of clothing, shoes, vintage items and bric-a-brac items. H & my Sunday mornings used to consist of Camberwell Market – Coffee – more browsing around the market and yum cha on the way home. What more can you ask for?!

Yesterday we were at the market once again as sellers. My sister and I in one stall and H & her sister in the one next door. It was a very early start – 5am early – but the market closes at midday so it was really only a half day event. We sold a variety of things predominantly clothing, shoes and home wares. It was very enjoyable & you meet so many great people. I would definitely prefer to do this over my day job (if my boss is reading this- errr I’m joking haha)!

Word of advice- if you decide to run a market stall try not to do this when you’re seven months pregnant!


Sarah said...

Ahhh I remember my one and only camberwell market stall day. It was before my ebay store started so I was mainly trying to give my wardrobe a good cleanout and sell some things I no longer wore. Managed to rope two friends into sharing a space but it was the middle of winter, it was FREEZING plus there was some insane wind happening that day as well. Halfway through the morning the wind blew over my clothing rack right onto the car that was parked in the stall beside us. I was mortified!

The lady was nice enough about it but for the rest of the morning my arm was permanently raised and glued to said clothing rack in the most awkward and uncomfortable manner. Not to mention the amount of hagglers that broke us all down into weeping, curled-in-fetal-position messes. It wasn't very fun at all... by the time we packed up my whole body was aching from the cold and the measely $110 felt like slave labour. It sounds like your stall was more successful then mine though!

VintageFokus said...

Sarah! lol that is hilarious - I mean I feel sorry for you ;)

We didn't make too much but the experience was great. Got rid of a lot of junk and I can pay the rates!

I agree - I thought I was "thrifty" but hagglers at markets make me look VERY generous.

I think selling on ebay is much easier and will next time stick to that.

trishhunterfinds said...

Ooooh I hope you cleared out lots of room to buy more stuff!
I'm having my third ever stall this Sunday and for once it's going to be GOOD WEATHER (touch wood)
I'll definitely keep in mind holding off if I'm pregnant hahaa.

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