Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby talk – disposable or cloth nappies?

The last few months, I’ve been trying to decide whether to use disposable or cloth nappies once bub is born. After doing some research, talking to mothers who have used cloth or disposable and looking at my own circumstance, I have decided to go with cloth! Why why why you ask? Well first and foremost it would be for environmental reasons. Disposable nappies take years to decompose and clog landfills. Pro disposable users argue that cloth nappies have similar environmental impact. That is, using more water and energy for washing and drying cloth diapers. I disagree.

This is my tiny contribution with helping the environment and I will not be swayed! K and mums I’ve spoken to think I’m crazy and it would just be so much more convenient to use disposables, but I’m willing to give it a go. I admit we will still need and use disposable nappies on the odd occasion (e.g. if we are out). To offset the occasional use of disposables and to further reduce energy consumption I pledge to:

• Make sure full washing loads.
• Reduce water temperature when washing.
• Air dry instead of using the dryer.
• No ironing of nappies (didn’t even consider this but there is people out there who do!)

Using cloth nappies are more economical. This is secondary for me, but could be useful to families who are on a budget and the savings would definitely be a major benefit.

Have I prepared for the cloth nappy domination? YES! I bought 3 dozen nappies from Big W – currently on sale (woo hoo).

Anyway – this is just one of the few baby decisions that I have been contemplating with of late. I am not trying to write an argumentative essay or trying to persuade you to do anything. I would, however, love to hear your thoughts/experiences on this. EEEkkkk have I set myself up for 2-3 years of full time laundry?



Sugar & Spice Childrens Market said...

If you think cloth nappies are great, you should do some research into Modern cloth nappies. No soaking, no pinning and no folding (well in most cases). Give me a yell if I can help you in anyway :-) ... Ali from Alipants (www.alipants.com.au)

VintageFokus said...

Thanks Ali! I have saved the website under my favourites. I will definitely be looking at these closer to the date of arrival or after. Thanks for the heads up!


my poppet said...

Hi, I was the same as you re: wanting do reduce my impact with cloth. Had bought a ton of flats and all in ones, but my baby was super sensitive to wetness and wake as soon as she was wet. I recommend pocket nappies as they have a stay dry layer. she is 10 months old now and am using cloth more as she doesn't nap as much during the day.
so my advice is be flexible and use a mixture of both. Don't beat yourself up if you use disposables sometimes, even a few cloth a day is better than none.
good luck cheers Cintia

aleesha said...

go the cloth!! if you can sew look into buying PUL and making your own, its what i did and some of the nappies i made for my daughter are now being used for my son 3 years later! i've found the best site for buying stuff in aus is nappiescovered.com.au, and no i'm not in any way connected, just get all my stash off them! or you could take the other route, find some 100% wool jumpers or blankets at an op shops and sew up some woollen covers, you could find all that info on google as well

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