Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nursery Update – Kitsch print

I can’t believe its Sunday evening already – where has the weekend gone?

I did a spot of op-shopping this weekend and found this gorgeous retro print of a little boy and his dog standing in the rain. I think it is a “kitsch” type of print but I’m just guessing from what little research I’ve done on the net. It is very “vintage” and I thought it would be a perfect addition to the nursery – not to mention too cute to pass on.

I did a little restoration on the frame – that is I painted it white to lighten the picture up a bit and of course to match the nursery décor.

How cute is it? *giggles*


Does anyone know about these types of prints? If you do or have one of your own, please do show and tell!

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Diana said...

Big eye art was common in the 1950's and 60's. The original artist was a woman named Margaret Keane. She painted waifs and another artist Gig painted 'pity kitties', They were copied and mass produced. We had a set as kids and that was in the 70's.
Big eye art has re-emerged with artists such as Mark Ryden following the trend.

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