Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Show OFF!

Hello? Is anyone there? awww I feel like I've been gone forever. For any of you wondering where I have disappeared to, I've been errr hibernating.

Ok Ok I can't lie. I've actually been very LAZY and have totally put blogging on  the bottom of my priority list. Hence I'm guessing that there are no readers left? Hello?!

On top of being lazy I've also been extremely busy. Who knew that having a 9 month old baby would be a 24/7 job? But there is nothing else I'd rather be doing ;)

Question - Don't you hate it when you do a Before & After job, you post about it in your blog and you get...... *crickets*.....nothing. I know I do!

 Well I  would love to see any of your  Before & After jobs or any second hand BARGAINS. It can be clothing, furniture, DIY,jewellery, accessories, ANYTHING really! Don't be shy send me an email ( add a link to your post (if you have one) and I'll be sure to comment/post about it. This way I (and other bloggers) can share in your excitement!

What are you waiting for....LET'S SHOW OFF!!!!