Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The countdown begins…

Hi all! I hope you’re all having a great week so far.

I’m so excited to announce that I am in my last 9 weeks until I’m due to give birth! Wow I can’t believe how time has flown – where has the last seven months gone? And what has happened to my body?!

I haven't really blogged about pregnancy so I'm going to try and do it all in the one post. Here is what I’ve experienced so far:

Increased appetite The first clue that I was pregnant was when I had dinner at my in laws and had three servings. Then got home and was still hungry, so naturally ate again. Since becoming pregnant I eat and eat and eat. Sometimes I just can’t seem to satisfy my hunger. My appetite slowed down around 4-6 months but has now returned with a vengeance. However, I do get full quicker as there isn’t much room in there at the moment. I haven’t had too many funky cravings. Really the only foods I have craved are pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, sausage sizzle and ice-cream.

Fatigue – In the first three months, I was dead tired. Being at work wasn’t too bad and kept myself busy and awake. It was as soon as I stepped in the house that it hit me. I would nap as soon as I got home, get up to eat and sleep until the morning. I could have slept through a night club– that’s how tired you get! Luckily, a new burst of energy came out of nowhere in the second trimester and I’m still feeling great.

Nesting – The nesting instinct kicked in around 5 months and it hit me hard. Luckily it was around Christmas holidays so I had a bit of time to do this. I was like a crazy woman needing to finish the nursery immediately! I did a lot of cleaning, refurbishing furniture and decorating. I’ve never had such a strong urge to do anything as I did nesting. I think I’m back to “normal” or I just can’t seem to find the time to do anything due to social engagements and I am moving at a much s…l…o…w…e…r pace.

Bathroom runs – I had a weak bladder before which doesn’t help my situation. I used to get annoyed (understatement) having to get up at least four times a night to go to the bathroom. Now I think I’ve adapted and it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when I can’t even make a train journey home and having to use public toilets at train stations *all together now eeeeeeeeeeewwww!*

Body changes – Ok let’s state the obvious, your stomach gets big. I hadn’t really noticed my stomach growing as it’s been a gradual process. But the last week I have noticed that my belly has just popped out! And just tonight I found stretch marks. I didn’t notice them because they were on my underbelly but needless to say I am D.E.V.A.S.T.A.T.E.D. I’ve also put on weight, initially all over. But now I feel it’s slowly moving to my stomach area, and sometimes I feel like I’m going to topple over because I’m so disproportioned.
Other minor changes include hair growing at a faster rate and glowing skin.

Symptoms – Earlier in the pregnancy my mood swings were out of control! Made PMS look kind. Other pregnancy symptoms that I’ve experienced include easily becoming breathless and leg cramps during the night. These have occurred recently and I’ve been told this is normal.

So far, I’ve been pretty lucky with my pregnancy. No morning sickness, cleared for gestational diabetes and more importantly bub is active in there and growing at a healthy rate!

I guarantee the next 9 weeks will quickly pass and before you know it, I’ll be introducing little bub to you all!

@ 2 months

@ 5 months

@ 7 months (current)

And it will only get bigger!

Question: Is there any Australian bloggers out there? I am following mainly international blogs but would love to find some home grown talent…I just can’t seem to find you all.


Elecat said...

Pregnancy feels like a lifetime ago for me; My youngest is 3 in June. I still remember those sneaky stretch marks, lol! There are so many things to love about pregnancy (& loath, ha, ha). I also remember nesting and my husband was so supportive.... even taking down all the fly wires and scrubbing them & sticking up wallpaper borders. The room looked so emmaculate after all the scrubbing, decorating and organising that I took photos, ha, ha. Don't know where they are now.... I have 2 little girls now & I feel like taking a photo of their room every day after cleaning it 'cos I know that it'll be covered in dress ups, craft stuff and puzzle peices within minutes, lol! Good luck with everything. :)

VintageFokus said...

Elecat - Ummm I dont think my nesting has been that bad that I want to scrub the fly wires lol!

Thanks for the follow and hope you enjoy my posts :)


trishhunterfinds said...

Oooh! congratulations! I hope little bub turns out healthy and happy :)

nollyposh said...

Now that's a lovely little baby bump... By the time i had my third baby my baby bump included my bum & legs!!! (That was 13yrs ago nxt week!)

katiecrackernuts said...

How lovely to have the progressive bump pic.

T'lia said...

I'm glad you've found Blog This now- we're all aussies!

Your baby bump is SO beautiful! Can't wait to have one of my own. :-)

T'lia said...

P.S my blog is :-)

Nicky said...

I'm from Australia
I am also the BlogMember person on BlogThis
(I have just processed your request - sorry it took a few days, but between working full time and being pregnant myself, I feel shit HA!).
My blog is

Your bump is so cute, I LOVE it.
Oh god I am so much bigger than you were at 9 weeks
Mines probably all fat hahahahaha

aleesha said...

Hey, I found your blog though "I op therefore I am" and I had to comment after I read about your leg cramps, if they are still happening get some magnesium suppliments into you, when I was pregnant with my second I was seeing a naturopath for low iron and she gave me a mineral biocomplex for night leg cramps and I didnt have a single one after that until after the birth! If you want to know more just email me,

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