Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today is the end of our heatwave and alas, the cool change is here!

All weekend I was in my parents garage sanding and painting the baby furniture. Trust me when I say it was hot...38 degrees hot plus electric sander, goggles and dust mask! But I am a pregnant woman on a mission. This nesting instinct is definitely taking over my life! Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?

K was at home finishing the backyard. Our decking was so dirty and dry it took a number of times to clean and scrub plus three coats of decking oil. Glad K was in charge of that!

We had family portrait shots at Treasury Gardens on Sunday morning. It was an intense hour of smile, walk, look this way, move an inch here and an inch there. Phew! I have a new found respect for models.

Here is a picture of my view and me sitting in St Patrick’s Cathedral  garden after the "photo shoot".

Dress: CKM
Shoes: Big W
Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Today I received the handles for my chest of drawers from ebay . Absolutely gorgeous BUT too big. DEVASTATED!

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