Monday, January 4, 2010


Today is my second last day of holidays then back to work. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve heard that “nesting” instincts in women start to kick in around five months and mine was right on time. These holidays I have cleaned out the nursery, house and almost finished the back yard (with the help of K naturally). Also, I’ve been on the hunt for nursery furniture. Christmas is always a bad time financially so I don’t really have the funds to purchase any new furniture. Hence, I’ve needed to think of alternative ways to furnish the baby room on the thrift. K doesn’t believe me when I say I can do up the nursery on a budget. So – here is my challenge.

Absolute must items are as follows:

1. Cot

2. Change Table

3. Chest of drawers

4. Rocking Chair

5. Toy Chest

6. Bookshelf

7. Rug (preferably a thick white shaggy one)

Can you believe I have the first four! Ok so they are not in the best condition but with a bit of elbow grease and new paint they will be good as new. By the way, on top of my “nesting” instincts on hard drive, my DIY impulse has also taken over.

Here are pictures of the items I have been successful in purchasing. These are “before” shots and I will definitely show you “after” shots once the nursery is complete.

Cot – hand me down thanks to Aunt D & Uncle R

Needs to be stripped, repainted and of course, assembled.

Change Table – Salvo’s

Needs to be sanded lightly and repainted.

Chest of drawers – Ebay

Needs to be sanded and painted.

Rocking Chair – Ebay (see previous post)

To be sanded and varnished.

I got these items at absolute bargain prices, except for the cot which was free!

I am considering painting the furniture white except for the rocking chair. Haven’t really decided on the décor yet, but I have another 3+ months to think about that.

Dad said he will help us out. I swear Dad and Uncle D don’t stop when it comes to handyman things. Here’s a picture of them today downsizing a vanity unit for another Uncle who is renovating his entire house!


The Bunnell Fam said...

Love all your great finds!:)

The Bunnell Fam said...

Oh yeah..this is BOn from "This mama makes $en$e" Sorry!

Bec said...

Hello thanks for following my blog! Fresh flowers is a good suggestion, we don't have many in our garden but I think we have some violets. Nice work on the cheap furniture, there's always heaps of good stuff at the salvos. Congratulations on your baby I think you're looking very stylish :)

Bec said...

haha when I went to publish that comment the verification code was "IMMUM"! how odd

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