Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was watching the news and a special on Venice was on where experts are predicting that the city will be underwater by the end of the century. I have had the pleasure to visit this beautiful city a few months ago. So many little alleyways to get lost in and picturesque buildings overlooking the canals. I’m heartbroken knowing that Venice will literally disappear. Those who have visited know what I mean, those who haven’t – you have less than a century to find out!

Deserted alley.

Reflection in the canal.

Rialto Bridge.

Shopping for Murano glass.

Gondolier - Venice Style.

Fast Fact: Venice has around 150 canals connected by 409 bridges, and over 3000 alleyways on the 117 islands. Basically every time you see a bridge it is connecting two islands. WOW!

Have I convinced you yet?

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