Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rocking (my) chair.

Been thinking about nursery room themes lately. Not too sure what to do with the room really so been looking on the net for ideas. Actually I lie. I with K originally wanted jarrah coloured cot and baby furniture. But am slowly changing my mind and really like the simplicity of white. I am not drawn to nurseries which are quite “baby”…I’d prefer something classic and chic…I think?! I tend to change my mind very quickly so don’t be surprised if by next post I want to paint the whole room blue or pink!

Been looking through ebay and not really much available UNTIL I came across this rocking chair. I watched it for a few days but no-one else seemed interested. I bid with a very small budget in mind as I wasn’t sure if I will need it. Anyway, I won!

Needs to be sanded down and unsure whether to tint or paint white. Will decide when I get a better picture of how the nursery is to be set out.

Not bad for $20!!!

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