Friday, July 16, 2010

Connector Double Finger rings IN STORE!

Hi dolls!

I came across these awesome connector rings through a girlfriend of mine who is totally obsessed! Rihanna rocked it with her BAD ring and Lauren Conrad with her name connector ring.

I am selling a few in my shop (see bar on the right) but only have limited numbers. Have a look as these are hard to come by here in Oz. Free shipping to anywhere in Australia!

Will be getting more accessories in the coming weeks so make sure you subscribe to my blog for updates.

Have a great weekend!



Brooke said...

Hello hello, pregnancy is going well. Currently I am stuffed to the brim from dinner and can hardly move!!! Keep forgetting that there's a baby taking up stomach space!

How's the new bub? Beautiful and quiet I hope! hehe

I love that that double barrel cross ring but I've just bought myself 3 new rings so I really shouldn't indulge in another just at the moment. Baby needs stuff and baby stuff is expensive. :(


Sarah said...

Hello! Nice to see a comment from you :)
I've been very slack with blogging lately - I'm surprised that anyone still reads that thing! Haven't changed the name of it but just tinkered with the layout a little.

Anyway... I don't wear any jewelery myself and the whole idea of two connected fingers makes me feel very uncomfortable. But that being said, I do like the cross rings! Did you make them yourself or order them in? If you made them yourself then you're very talented!

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