Monday, August 9, 2010

Reworked vintage

Hi dolls! Hope you haven't forgotten about me!

Today I just wanted to show you a reworked vintage piece. So I've been totally obsessed with the blog New Dress A Day - blog owner Marisa aims to spend $1 on fashion for a whole year and she's actually keeping to her budget!

It definitey has inspired me to get my "creative juices" pumping. I am no designer or fashion expert but I definitely love the challenge. Opportunity knocked on my door when I came across this dress at the local trash and treasure market. I liked the top and knew I could somehow make it look current (errr I hoped anyway).

I got rid of the sleeves and I pretty much deconstructed the whole dress. I used my dressmakers dummy (first time I actually used it to alter clothing) to pin the sections all back together. Sewed, sewed, sewed. Then made a fabric flower (I love GOOGLE!) to replace the button and voila! I think it turned out ok...



The only problem is it was supposed to fit me but I umm forgot to change the dummy's size to reflect mine?! Therefore the dress probably fits a size 8 or small 10 hahahaha I'm a ditz sometimes *sigh*

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dishly said...

ahah awwww that's so cute!!
i'd love to be able to sew! my mum can sew, perhaps she could help me, but yeaahh i always see so much potential in op shops! but the most i can do is shorten a strap, or pin it up with lots of safety pins!

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